Live Music

Here at Revo we are honoured to be able to provide the perfect venue for local artists to perform. From Indie Pop to Smooth Jazz, our performers cover a wide range of music genres, meaning there is something for everyone. Please keep an eye out for your favourite artists on the schedule below. We hope to see you on one of our many live performance days. On Friday’s & Saturday’s the live music is scheduled to start around 7.30pm and on Sunday’s at approximately 1.30pm. Typically, each artist will perform a minimum of two 45 minute sets.

Upcoming schedule


1/12/2023 - Elliot Salvage, Piano/Vocals
2/12/2023 - Colin Smith, Piano
3/12/2023 - Jon Hopes, Trombone

8/12/2023 - Andy Doran
9/12/2023 - Senna Weeks, Guitar and Vocals
10/12/2023 - John Prescott, Jazz/Swing

15/12/2023 - Colin Smith, Piano
16/12/2023 - Elliot Salvage, Piano/Vocals
17/12/2023 - Encore, Jazz

22/12/2023 - TBC
23/12/2023 - Jon Hopes, Trombone
24/12/2023 - Senna Weeks, Guitar and Vocals
26/12/2023 - Harrisen Larner-Main

29/12/2023 - Jon Hopes, Trombone
30/12/2023 - Encore, Jazz
31/12/2023 - The Lipinski Brothers, Classics